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Peano Axioms structure retraining as math teacher

The Peano Axioms are a good path to retrain math professionals into math teachers.  This is because they start at the beginning of counting and go through proving the arithmetic laws such as associativity of addition. The Peano Axioms teach … Continue reading

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Re Patricia Sullivan WaPo Alexandria named most well-read city by Amazon

Patricia Sullivan at  Washington Post writes “Alexandria named most well-read city by Amazon” This is Alexandria, Virginia. The Book Bank is singled out as one of the few surviving book stores.  I have bought books there. We had an Olsson’s … Continue reading

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Keith Devlin Transition to College Math MOOC

Keith Devlin of Stanford University will have a MOOC course on transition to college math.  This will not be a full course, but a partial course.  He is hoping to get schools to use it as part of their courses.  … Continue reading

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Leon Henkin On Mathematical Induction

Leon Henkin On Mathematical Induction 1960 is available for free download at Jstor. Stable Link: You can click on the download pdf at the above link. This article is easier in some parts than others.   As it goes on, … Continue reading

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