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#MTT2k Prize Khan Academy Video Contest Critique Chronology

June 18, 2012 John Golden and David Coffey do the first critique video and a blog post on it. MTT2K – Episode 1 16,329 views as of July 7 2012 89 likes, 122 dislikes John Golden blog post reading

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Multiplication of Negative Numbers Recursive Continuation

Recently, the subject of how to teach or justify rules for multiplication of negative numbers has come out.  The following is an approach based on the Peano Axioms. Natural numbers are 0, S(0), S(S(0))), … 1= 0′. S(0) = 1 … Continue reading

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Teacher Quality Roadmap, Daubert and Due Process Firing Teachers

Firing teachers over student test scores is unproven science and at this stage it is pseudo-science.  Due process of law under the Daubert standard requires that scientific evidence be subject to proof.    One document in support of teacher firing is … Continue reading

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