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WaPo Emma Brown Fairfax school board debates Thomas Jefferson High admissions

Washington Post (WaPo )Emma Brown Fairfax school board debates Thomas Jefferson High admissions By Emma Brown, Published: July 19 ==Dialogue with a poster at WaPo MarkTenneyNewMathDoneRight 10:41 AM EDT The TJ admissions test should contain problems going from easy to … Continue reading

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WaPo Emma Brown Parent group pushing for TJ admission changes

The Thomas Jefferson High School admissions test is not hard enough and doesn’t qualify students good enough or advanced enough in intro algebra for the work at TJ.  This results in the need for remedial teaching this summer at TJ … Continue reading

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Multiplication of Negative Numbers Recursive Continuation

Recently, the subject of how to teach or justify rules for multiplication of negative numbers has come out.  The following is an approach based on the Peano Axioms. Natural numbers are 0, S(0), S(S(0))), … 1= 0′. S(0) = 1 … Continue reading

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Re Emma Brown Teacher tenure: a Fairfax schools firing case

Teacher tenure: a Fairfax schools firing case By Emma Brown, Saturday, June 2, 5:51 PM The above is a case of another teacher sacrificed to No Child Left Behind induced fear. My comment at WaPo: MarkTenneyNewMathDoneRight 6:41 PM EDT Sounds … Continue reading

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