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Review of Introduction to Mathematical Thinking by Keith Devlin

This is a review of the book Introduction to Mathematical Thinking by Keith Devlin.  This is a paperback book of length x + 92, i.e. 102 pages.  This is a paperback that can fit into a large boxy like extra … Continue reading

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Coursera MOOC or MOOCPIT?

Coursera is the Great Stanford for us little boys to peep about its great legs?  Or is the MOOC simply a dumping ground of bad lectures, bad lecture notes, too few examples and poor explanations of homework problems? See the … Continue reading

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Keith Devlin Transition to College Math MOOC

Keith Devlin of Stanford University will have a MOOC course on transition to college math.  This will not be a full course, but a partial course.  He is hoping to get schools to use it as part of their courses.  … Continue reading

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David Groisser Initial Segments before addition from Peano Axioms

Richard Dedekind in 1888 did order before addition.  Dedekind first did properties of closed sets under a function that is 1 to 1.   Then he applied this to tail sets under successor in effect.  Tail sets are natural numbers from … Continue reading

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