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Counting on Rules of Arithmetic CORA

Counting on Rules of Arithmetic. We count on from a starting number like 3 by a second number, the count on number or shift number like 2. 3+2 means start at 3 and count on by 2. We imagine we … Continue reading

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WaPo Emma Brown Parent group pushing for TJ admission changes

The Thomas Jefferson High School admissions test is not hard enough and doesn’t qualify students good enough or advanced enough in intro algebra for the work at TJ.  This results in the need for remedial teaching this summer at TJ … Continue reading

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Peano Axioms Number Line

Peano Axioms for the Number Line.  Think of a number line that starts at 0.  It only has the natural numbers as ticks, so 0, 1, 2, etc.  It has no fractions marked and it has no signs positive or … Continue reading

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