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Additive recursion at dy/dan

The blog Dy/dan discusses an additive recursion formula.  It is apparent from the discussion that they are familiar with recursive and explicit as terms. It is clear from the discussion that the Peano Axioms are not any harder.  Addition … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve Education Bernanke Talk

Bernanke took questions from teachers at the Federal Reserve Board. Note video is down and on the extreme right. One question was how do they teach savings with interest rates so low. Bernanke said interest rates were low … Continue reading

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Multiplication of Negative Numbers Recursive Continuation

Recently, the subject of how to teach or justify rules for multiplication of negative numbers has come out.  The following is an approach based on the Peano Axioms. Natural numbers are 0, S(0), S(S(0))), … 1= 0′. S(0) = 1 … Continue reading

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Re dy/dan An Incomplete History Of The Math Edublogosphere

The blog dy/dan by Dan Meyer has a post titled An incomplete history of the math edublogsphere.  This has a comment thread of math teachers who blog and apparently regularly follow dy/dan. Number 7 Jeanette links to This in … Continue reading

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Pair of Number Lines and Successor Identities

This post concerns using a pair of number lines to illustrate the successor identities.  At lower grade levels, we can simply use a pair of number lines to “prove” the successor identities.   We actually make them plausible, but at an … Continue reading

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Leon Henkin On Mathematical Induction

Leon Henkin On Mathematical Induction 1960 is available for free download at Jstor. Stable Link: You can click on the download pdf at the above link. This article is easier in some parts than others.   As it goes on, … Continue reading

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