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#mtt2k Socratic Method constructivism

Search “Socratic Method” constructivism The Socratic Method as an Approach to Learning and Its Benefits Faith Lam This offers a number of definitions and formulations of different concepts in education.  It categorizes the Socratic Method as a type of … Continue reading

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#mtt2k Searches on Khan Academy Socratic Method Public Schools

Is the Socratic Method used in the public schools?  What does Google tell us? Searches “Khan Academy” “Socratic method”    About 7,630 results (0.14 seconds) Three Easy Tactics to Use in Your Classroom By Win Wenger, Ph.D. ISBN … Continue reading

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#mtt2k Proceduralism is Popular and Low Stress

The following presents a case for videos against the Socratic Method.  Whether the Socratic Method is the same as self discovery or constructivist teaching is another issue. It is said that Cauchy’s engineering students rejected his concepts based calculus.  Just … Continue reading

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